Honey By Dezyne

We are urban beekeepers from the inner suburbs of Melbourne, supplying honey and beeswax products.
Our bees feed from the native parklands and gardens of Port Melbourne and Albert Park for a rich and unique taste of the suburbs.
The flavors vary according to the flowers, shrubs and trees in bloom each month throughout spring and summer.
Honey By Dezyne is 100% natural honey, cold extracted and filtered.
Raw honey contains a full complement of enzymes and antioxidants, and has antibacterial properties. Shelf life is unlimited.
Now that’s sweet.

Further information: info@honeybydezyne.com
For sales: honey@honeybydezyne.com

Bee Rescue

We rescue and remove bee swarms from domestic homes.
We provide apiarist and professional building skills required for larger nest relocation from roof, walls or structural cavities.

Contact us: swarm@honeybydezyne.com
Phone: +61 418 535 300

Registered bee keeper S466
15/88 Wirraway Drive, Port Melbourne
Dezyne Construction PTY LTD. Registered Builder CB-U-4525

Registered bee keeper C393
12 Herbert Street, Albert Park